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Welcome to the ZNibbles Homepage ! You can jump directly to these sections : You can also have a look at the other softwares I wrote.

ZNibbles News

  • 99/05/12 - new! ZNibbles 0.0.7 is out. Changes include multiple players on the same keyboard (GTK only), speed greatly improved. See the ChangeLog.

  • 99/05/01 - Version 0.0.6 is out. Lot of work done on fixing the makefiles, fixing and improving the GTK client, improving overall performances, etc. ZNibbles should compile with or WITHOUT Motif and with or without GTK. See the ChangeLog.

  • 99/04/26 - Version 0.0.5-beta is out, with various fixes in the GTK+ client and many speed improvements. Oh, and it looks like you need GTK+ 1.2 to compile the GTK client.

  • 99/04/24 - Version 0.0.4-beta is out. What is really new in this release is the GTK+ client. Work has just started and it's quite ugly but you can play with it already. See the screenshot.

  • 99/04/19 - I have put up a small survey to get your feedback. Have a look and tell me what you think.

  • 99/04/17 - This web page has been slightly modified.. Old version is still available here (less graphics, faster loading).

  • 99/04/14 - Version 0.0.3 released. This is a maintenance release. Focus problems in Motif client are mostly fixed. New `--help' and `--version' options parameters, along with a little more help and some code clean-up.

  • 99/04/04 - Version 0.0.2 is out ! Now it should compile much better on many systems :) Makefiles and configuration has been remade with Automake and Autoconf, dependencies on weird libraries have been removed. Also, communication between clients and servers located on different architecture should work fine.

  • 98/11/17 - Version 0.0.1 is out. I finally came up with a new name : ZNibbles (formerly XNibbles).

  • 98/11/05 - After more than one year and a half, a second version of ZNibbles is out..

  • 98/10/30 - An official page for ZNibbles, at last !

What is ZNibbles ?

ZNibbles is a multi-player networked game. It is based on the old nibbles game: you've got a worm, eat nibbles and get your worm growing. Several players can play together, each of them controlling its own worm on its own computer. This game has been written in C++ with the server/client model in mind, during spring of 1997. It was a student project for a better understanding of the network related problems, so algorithms have not been chosen for their performances but more for their simplicity. Still this is a great game to play ! Check it out !

There is theoretically an unlimited number of simultaneous players, it's more a matter of network speed. It has been tested with more than 10 players and it was real fun :)

ZNibbles is written for unix. It has been tested under Linux, SunOS, Solaris and Irix. The game can run either directly on top of X11, use the GTK+ toolkit (get it on the GTK+ site) or use the Motif toolkit (get a good Motif free implementation called LessTif)

ZNibbles Screenshots

Click to enlarge ZNibbles 0.0.6, eight players fighting for food :) This is the GTK+ client. (click on picture to enlarge).
Click to enlarge A small example of what ZNibbles looks like. This is the Motif client (the GTK client is better :) ) (click on picture to enlarge).

Four players playing together with a computer controlled worm..

ZNibbles full sources

Full C++ sources for ZNibbles are available and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see www.gnu.org).


  • Basically you need a C++ compiler (such as g++) and the X11 libraries installed.
  • If you want to compile the Motif client, you will need Motif 1.2 libraries, such as LessTif (optional).
  • If you want to compile the GTK+ client, you will need the GTK+ 1.2.0 libraries (optional).

Download version 0.0.7:

You can also get ZNibbles via FTP on the Koala FTP mirror.

ZNibbles Executables

ZNibbles should compile well on unixes with Motif installed. If you still have troubles, you can download these pre-built binaries. Note that you will still have to have Motif 1.2 libraries installed on your system.

(Alternate FTP download at the Koala FTP mirror)

Contact Me

I'll be very happy to hear your comments. Send them, along with bug reports, questions, suggestions and source patches to vmallet@enst.fr.

I can be found on IRCnet, vim or vims in channel #vims.

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All information will be kept strictly confidential. It is for the unique purpose of giving me feedback and will not be given to anyone else.

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