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Note: this page is merely a draft and definitely needs to be updated. There are so many things to do and my spare time is so rare..

ZNibbles News
  • 99/04/14 - new! Version 0.0.3 released. This is a maintenance release. Focus problems in Motif client are mostly fixed. New `--help' and `--version' options parameters, along with a little more help and some code clean-up.

  • 99/04/04 - Version 0.0.2 is out ! Now it should compile much better on many systems :) Makefiles and configuration has been remade with Automake and Autoconf, dependencies on weird libraries have been removed. Also, communication between clients and servers located on different architecture should work fine.

  • 98/11/17 - Version 0.0.1 is out. I finally came up with a new name : ZNibbles (formerly XNibbles).

  • 98/11/05 - After more than one year and a half, a second version of ZNibbles is out..

  • 98/10/30 - An official page for ZNibbles, at last !

What is ZNibbles ?
ZNibbles is a multi-player networked game. It is based on the old nibbles game: you've got a worm, eat nibbles and get your worm growing. Several players can play together, each of them controlling its own worm on its own computer. This game has been written in C++ with the server/client model in mind, during spring of 1997. It was a student project for a better understanding of the network related problems, so algorithms have not been chosen for their performances but more for their simplicity. Still this is a great game to play ! Check it out !

There is theoretically an unlimited number of simultaneous players, it's more a matter of network speed. It has been tested with more than 10 players and it was real fun :)

ZNibbles is written for unix. It has been tested under Linux, SunOS and Solaris It needs Motif (but LessTif is just fine). Hopefully I'll write a GTK client someday.

ZNibbles Screenshots
Click to enlarge A small example of what ZNibbles looks like (click on picture to enlarge).

Four players playing together with a computer controlled worm..

ZNibbles full sources
Full C++ sources for ZNibbles are available and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see www.gnu.org). BUT: ZNibbles is not finished (as many other things..). I don't have time to. Architecture is clean, but sources are not so clean, undocumented and contain a lot of french. You'll probably need g++ and a motif library to compile it.
ZNibbles executables
ZNibbles should compile well on unixes with Motif installed. If you still have troubles, you can download these pre-built binaries. Note that you will still have to have Motif 1.2 libraries installed on your system.
Contact Me
If you have any question, suggestion or source patch to give me, send it to vmallet@enst.fr.

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