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Note: this page is merely a draft and definitely needs to be updated.

This page is an attempt to gather various softwares I wrote in the past, and distribute them with a small documentation. Before releasing source code I try to get it to compile properly.


ZNibbles is a simple multiplayer networked game for X11/Motif based on the old nibbles game. Each player controls a worm and tries to grow as much as possible by eating nibbles. This release includes a server, a Motif client and a buggy X11 client, all written in C++.

ZNibbles Home Page


Jags is a simple Java framework intended to facilitate the writing of multiplayer client/server games in Java. All communication between clients and servers and all players handling is taken care of by Jags. So it becomes pretty simple to write a multiplayer networked game in Java. As an example, friends of mine have written a Scrabble(R)-like game for Jags.

Jags Home Page


ZylFree is a QWK mail reader for Dos/Windows. [FINISH THIS]

Download ZylFree v1.44vk (DOS executable).

ZylView And The IDZ File Format

ZylView is a very fast filelist browser with search capabilities, for DOS or Windows. Lst2IDZ converts many filelist formats into ZylView own file format. At a time were BBSes, and those BBSes had files, lots and lots of files. And you, the BBS user, spent a lot of time searching for specific files in huge filelists with slow tools such as "list". And then came ZylView, with its tremendeous speed and nice presentation. Zylview had a lot of options aimed at making lives of BBS users much simpler.

Download ZylView v1.55 (DOS executable) and Lst2IDZ v0.6 (DOS executable).


DCFR is a diskette image extractor written in C. It is used to extract files from floppy disks images created with Disk Copy Fast (DCF). It has a command line interface pretty similar to that of PkZip for DOS. It's easy to use and allows you to manipulate disk-image files with operations like list, view, extract, use of wildcards, ... I might release the source code if anyone is interested in it (I'll have to dig into old archives).

Download DCFR v0.0.4 (DOS executable)


ViMmail is a unix mail reader under X/Motif with syntactic colorization written in C++.

ViMmail Home Page

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