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Welcome to the ViMmail homepage. Jump directly to these sections: Status News What it is Screenshots Sources Binaries Contact. Also have a look at the other softwares I wrote.

ViMmail Status

Latest version is 0.0.1 . ViMmail is usable but still in early stages. It has many bugs and throws various debug messages. Don't worry though, it won't corrupt your mail files (open in read-only mode).

ViMmail News

  • 99/04/21 - new! Version 0.0.1 has been released. Makefiles have been reworked and configuration is now made with Autoconf and Automake scripts.

  • 99/04/17 - Some lines thrown on this web page.

  • 97/03/22 - ViMmail v0.0.0 - First version ever - Not publicly released.

What is ViMmail ?

ViMmail is a simple mail viewer for unix and Motif, with mail colorization for easier reading. It has been designed to be very fast and easy to use, can be used as a replacement of 'xbiff' and can monitor multiple mail files.

Fast. I needed a tool to look at my mail spool very quickly when I received a new mail, without having to use my prefered mail tool. So I wrote ViMmail which turned out to be much more handy than 'less' :)

Replace xbiff. ViMmail can be used as replacement of tools like 'xbiff' : you have an icon on your desktop, and when a new mail is received the icon turns black. Then you juste have to click on the icon and ViMmail pops a mail-window instantly. Read the mail, pop the window down. Easy, fast.

Multiple mail files. ViMmail allows you to view multiple mail files at once (like, say, /var/spool/mail/yourbox and $HOME/mbox)

I wrote ViMmail when I was a student at the University of Nice, France, in march 1997. The code has slept for two years and I am now releasing it under the terms of the GPL with the hope it will be useful to someone else. I have plans to make it a little more stable

Please send me your comments and bug reports ! I will be happy to have some feedback.

ViMmail Screenshots

Click to enlarge A small example of what ViMmail looks like (click on picture to enlarge).
Click to enlarge The ViMmail configuration panel (click on picture to enlarge).

ViMmail Sources

Sources are in C++. They are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You will need a Motif 1.2 compatible library installed before you can compile (Try the LessTif library, a free software implementation).


ViMmail Binaries

[under construction]

If you would like to contribute with a compiled version of ViMmail for a host non listed here, just send me an archive and I'll add it to the list.

Contact Me

I'm waiting for your feedback. Send your suggestions, your comments, your bug reports to Don't be shy; the more feedback I get, the better I can improve ViMmail !

I can be found on IRCnet, vim or vims in channel #vims.

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