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Vincent Mallet, who are you?

I am a software-loving computer addict who is spending way, way too much time in front his machines. I grew up in a little village near Nice, France, and started moving places after about two decades. I now live and work in Moutain View, California.

What do you do?

Unsurprisingly, I write software. I do it for a living and I do it when I come home. My current employer is a big and famous search engine company and I'm having a lot of fun there. Most of my work is done in Java these days and my tool of choice is the very excellent IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains.

Where's the old floating flag?

Haha! That old page of mine which hasn't been updated in 7 years? Yeah, it's still around, check it out! People say one shouldn't be afraid of self-deprecation...

Where's the other stuff?

It's mostly old stuff, except for my new blog that I recently started: the old blog (in french) that I maintained circa 2000 with its slightly updated sibling on Zyllius; the photos I used to take; that super old software page; the mirror on Zyllius; my insanely fascinating page on googlepages; and some otherstuff that should also be retired from the web ;-)

Related email addresses

Over the years I've gone through a few email addresses that are still floating around in pages or code but are no longer active. A few of these are:

 vmallet@enst.fr vmallet@sophia.inria.fr
 vmallet@unice.fr vmallet@opentv.com

You should send emails to vmallet@jfouffa.com instead. (If you really need to reach me urgently, you could also try vmallet on gmail dot com). While we are on the topic of how to find me, other aliases I have are "Vince Mallet" (mostly in the US) or "MALLET Vincent" (in French).

Thanks for visiting!

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